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International Training Centre for Human Rights and Peace Teaching


Collection Thématique

The Thematic series was created in order to contribute to the debate on global challenges of human rights and peace instruction in the fields of formal and non-formal teaching. The suggested texts are intended for the reader to situate such an education within the framework of a legal, pedagogical and sociological analysis as a whole.

Thématique N° 14 The Forgotten Ones of the Millennium Objectives
Thématique13 Human Rights and the Ban on School and Family Violence
Thématique N° 12 Justice at the International and School Levels : Common Ground
Thématique N° 11 Educational Challenges and Human Rights
Thématique N° 10 Life as Others
Thématique N° 9 Education a matter of law
Thématique N° 8 Cultures of Peace : Portraits and Perspectives - Social and Educational Stakes
Thématique N° 7 Cultures, Education and Societies - The Role of Human Rights
Thématique N° 6 New Educational Policies - A Challenge for Democracy
Thématique N° 5 Human Rights and Citizenship - Reference Points for Taking Action
Thématique N° 4 Democratic Values and Educational Aims – Reference Points for a Human Rights Pedagogy
Thématique N° 3 Globalisation and Its Idiosyncrasies
Thématique N° 2 Democracy, Development and Human Rights

Thématique N° 1 Population Movements and Human Rights
Thématique Special Edition
The Human Rights-Based Approach: A Field of Action for Human Rights Education


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