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International Training Centre for Human Rights and Peace Teaching


Objectives of the 9th International Training Session
on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Human Rights Council

Geneva, October 22nd to October 28th 2014


    • To develop a participatory strategy from the national level to the debates at the Council and back to the national level.
    • To establish discussion methods for the priorities of the review, specifically in the fields of education and civil society.
    • To specify the role of human rights education within the UPR.
    • To examine information to be transmitted, its form and its target.
    • To exchange and compare different experiences on the field and with institutions with the aim of improving preparation to the UPR, both for educational circles and civil society.
    • To ease the understanding and the follow-up of the message that the Council's member states will convey at the end of their review.
    • To propose elements of analysis of recommendations in order to adjust and support actions which will be implemented in the countries.
    • To insure a follow-up of the UPR on the field and keep track of it on the UPR monitoring platform


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